About WDW Friendship Days


WDW Friendship Days was born in 2011 as a joke among our group of friends who were visiting for that other “big gay” event that goes on in Orlando during the same time.


We like to think of ourselves as a more family-friendly, Disney-oriented version of that big event which goes on throughout Orlando.


Why Friendship Days?


The main event is at the Magic Kingdom on Saturday. Every year we start off our day at the Magic Kingdom with breakfast at the Crystal Palace where (every day) Winnie the Pooh and Friends celebrate "Friendship Day". We thought this was a fitting name for us since our weekend is all about spending time with Friends and Family at Disney World!


But I don't know anyone in the group...


That's Okay! By the time you depart, you'll feel like you've been friends for years! We're all about being inclusive rather than exclusive.


Is this just a big excuse to get drunk or have an orgy or anything like that?


Absolutely not. Some of the adults in the group may have a drink here or there, but we pride ourselves on being family-friendly and adult-oriented activities don't belong in Disney parks!


Family-friendly? What about families with kids?


We welcome you with open arms. We have a pretty-wide age range (everything from 3-year olds up to those in their 60's or greater). We try to keep everything as family-friendly as possible and at least one of our agents will have her kids too.


But don't you guys have a Drinking Around the World party on Sunday?


Yes, Sunday afternoon is the one exception to the above when we go Drinking Around the World at Epcot - not the most family-friendly event in the world. We can make suggestions however for other things to do.


You mentioned that other big gay event... I'm straight though...


We love our straight allies!  Like we mentioned before, this isn't an excuse to act inappropriately in Disney parks.  Yes, our group consists of gay and straight Disney-loving friends.


Do I have to spend all of my time with the group?


NO! If you don't want to do something we're doing or have planned, feel free to go off and do your own thing for a little while. You won't hurt our feelings too badly. ;) If you follow our Twitter feed or subscribe to our text messaging service, we'll keep you updated with where we are and what we're doing next so you can rejoin the group at any time.


So, how does booking with WDW Friendship Days work?


WDWFD is a joint effort of Jay's Vacays and Travel Momma - both agents of Snapshot Getaways. Our special rate is contracted with the Groups department at Walt Disney World. When you make your reservation with us, we contact Disney to book your room in your name. Disney takes your deposit directly (using the credit card or Disney Gift Card information you provide to us, or you can write a check to Disney - ask us for more information) worth one night's room and tax. You can either pay the balance off before arrival or wait until check-in to pay the remainder of your reservation balance. You have until May 1st to cancel without penalty. Cancellations after May 1st will forfeit the 1st night's room and tax (deposit).


What about the non-room stuff (the Wishes cruise, etc.)?


We do several mini-events for which there is an additional cost, one of which is the Wishes cruise to watch the fireworks. These events may require prepayment/and or a ticket purchase, which is done through an outside website. The cancellation policy, etc. is listed on the ticketing site and exceptions will only be made in extreme circumstances.


Are park tickets included?


No, park tickets are not included, however we do have special discounted tickets available if you book one of our group rate rooms - AND - you will receive a free admission to either Disney's Typhoon Lagoon or Disney's Blizzard Beach water parks, which can be used to participate in our group outing at Typhoon Lagoon on Wednesday June 4th! Park tickets must be paid in full at time of purchase and are non-refundable.


How about meals?


All group meals are pay-on-own, meaning you pay Disney directly for your meal just as you normally would. Meals are not included in the cost of the room or any of the group activities. Snacks (chips, soda, water) are provided complimentary only on the Wishes cruise. If you wish, you are able to add any of the Disney Dining Plans at Disney's normal retail price.


Do I have to book my room through WDWFD to participate in group events?


Only if you want our special group rate. If you book outside our group rate, you are still welcome to join us for any of our gatherings. Please keep in mind that WDWFD is operated by travel agents and we are more than happy to assist you in booking your room at any other resort as well, both Disney and non-Disney. Please be aware that in order to get any discounted theme park tickets offered as part of the group special, your room must be booked under the group rate.


What's this about a podcast?


Chelle and Jay (the WDWFD agents) are members of TheTipTopClub Podcast, a Disney podcast with a LGBTQ emphasis. We will be recording a "Live" episode of the podcast at Disney's Boardwalk Inn Resort on Thursday, June 5th. There will be a cash bar available. More information will be posted on the Facebook page and the podcast website as it becomes available.


Why do you refer to that other gay event as "that other gay event?"


Simply put, it's because we're not affiliated with them. If you want a longer answer, it's a combination of things, I suppose. Firstly, their name is a registered trademark and we don't want any legal issues to arise- like we said, we're not affiliated with them in any way. Second, they tend to have a not so wonderful reputation.  While we know that reputation is misunderstood, that doesn't fix how people perceive them. Third, as we said before, we're all about making friends - we are inclusive and not exclusive!  Lastly, we concentrate just on Disney World, not Orlando - everything we do is on Disney property.


I have a question that's not covered here...


Awesome. Shoot us a message or give us a call. We'd be more than happy to try to answer it or to find someone that can!






"WDW Friendship Days" events are independently organized gatherings neither operated by nor associated with Walt Disney World whose website can be found at disneyworld.disney.go.com


We are also not affiliated with Orlando Gay Days, whose website can be found at www.gaydays.com


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